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tv   The Last Word  MSNBC  November 5, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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wouldn't be that bad an idea, either. except you do not want to fill it with beer. put some water, maybe some red bull whatever you need to stay up with us to watch it all just eight hours until the polls open on the east coast. and in this hour we expect to see the last campaign event for president barack obama. he will be joined by first lady michelle obama and you'll see it here live. it will be the president's last speech in what has been a very, very long campaign. >> 24 hours to go. >> only one day left. >> it is here.
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>> and it is on. >> oh, my goodness! yes! >> where does this race stand. >> i mean what i say and i say what i mean. >> talk is cheap. >> look to the record. >> i said i would repeal don't ask don't tell. we repealed it. >> talk is cheap. look to the record. >> welcome home. >> now is the time to deliver on health care. >> all men and women are created equal. >> same sex couples should be able to get married. >> talk is cheap. >> corporations are people, my friend. >> i like to be able to fire people who provide services to me. >> i was a severely conservative republican governor. >> the optics are bad, the sound is even worse. >> he can't help it, he was born with a silver foot in his mouth. >> a razor tight race. >> we've given all people need to know. >> do you know who mitt romney is. >> we know he doesn't want to answer.
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>> there's going to be a civil war in the republican party. >> he is the worst republican in the country. >> are you calling mitt romney a liar? >> yes. >> are you think there's an issue on the flip flops. >> pick any other republican in the country. >> no, he can't beat obama. >> republicans talking about excuses. >> well i'll put it in a nutshell. if we don't run chris christie, romney will be the nominee and he'll lose. in this final day of campaigning, president obama began the day in madison, wisconsin, where he spoke before an estimated crowd of 18 thousands. then he headed to columbus ohio where he spoke before an estimated crowd of over 15,000. within the hour the president will make his final campaign
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speech of his career as a candidate in des moines, iowa. we will bring that to you live as well as michelle obama's introduction. >> today our businesses have created nearly 5.5 million new jobs. the american auto industry has come roaring back. home values are on the rise because of the service and sacrifice of our brave men and women in uniform. the war in iraq is over. the war in afghanistan is ending. al qaeda is on the path to defeat. osama bin laden is dead. we've made progress these last four years. and you know i will fight for you and your family every single day as hard as i know how. >> and the president presented his vision of the next four
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years. >> now is the time to keep pushing forward. to educate all our kids. to train all our workers, to create new jobs, rebuild our infrastructure, bring our troops home, restore our democracy, build the middle class, make sure that in this country, no matter who you are, no matter where you come from, no matter how you got started, here in america you can make it if you try. that's why i'm asking for your vote. let's go vote. let's go do this! >> this morning, mitt romney campaigned in florida before heading to virginia this afternoon. then columbus, ohio this evening. later tonight mitt romney will campaign in manchester new hampshire. here is mitt romney today in ohio. >> if the president were to be re-elected, he still won't be able to work with the people in congress, of course, because he's ignored them, he's attacked
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them, he's blamed them. the debt ceiling will come up again and then there will be a threat of shutdown or defaults. and if that happens, the economy will become frozen and we'll have a harder time with jobs. >> president obama will spend election day in chicago where he will observe his election day ritual of playing basketball. mitt romney will continue to campaign in cleveland ohio and pittsburgh, pennsylvania tomorrow. as of this hour, nate silver of the new york times 538 blog predicts that president obama will win 314, and mitt romney will win 227. the nate silver formula has increased the odds in favor of the president even more. i have very little faith in any of that, in any of the polling. it just feels and is in fact too close too call.
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>> it is. but the president has held a significant, small but significant lead in the key battleground states. and it is hard to see how mitt romney pieces together enough states to get to 270. if you look at ohio, if you look at wisconsin, if you look at nevada, if you look at iowa, the president has been consist eventually in the lead there. and romney basically has to run the table to even have a shot. >> but the republican argument, ari, which was the john kerry argument, which has always been the argument in these situations, is when the incumbent polls below 50, the incumbent is in danger no matter what the other number is. so if the incumbent is at 48, the challenger is at 46, the challenger is probably in a better position, most of the time. however, we're making new mathematical history in these campaigns all the time. and you can see that argument, because it's an old argument. it's been around a while.
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it didn't work for john kerry and it's hard to say what's going to happen now. >> yeah. i spent over a year working seven days a week for john kerry so i'm familiar with that argument, i remember that argument. i think the critical question then as now is whether the challenger is viewed to be credible by election day. if you look at polling of a generic republican versus obama, that imaginary generic republican through most of this year when polled does better than mitt romney. the fact that mitt romney is a flip flopper was bad. the fact that now in these closing weeks in ohio he's a liar and a liar who gets busted and keeps lying i think has hurt him in a very severe way and really scrambles some of those rules that you're talking about. >> the number that i do think is in other meaningful is the gallup approval rating. the president has an approval rating of 52. there have been times when the approval number has not had a 5 as a first digit. that is more worrying, i would think.
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>> i would take that poll with a grain of salt. they had romney up six now they've closed it up to romney just one. that approval rating at 52% has to be encouraging. there's been for a while this gap between the national polls and the state polls, where it looked like the president had an electoral college lead but in the popular vote was trailing 20 mitt romney. now the two sets of polls have converged so it does like the president has a slight lead and at the state level. the hope was that the state polls would converge towards the national picture. the opposite has happened. >> now, a leading republican poll watcher has a different view than nate silver. admittedly rush limbaugh doesn't work the numbers. >> more of a gut guy.
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>> but he's got an opinion. >> all of my thinking says romney big. all of my feeling, if you -- all of my feeling is where my concern is. but my thoughts, my intellectual analysis of this, factoring everything i see plus the polling data, not even close. 300-plus electoral votes for romney. >> rush's intellectual analysis. >> i want to zero in on the core of the argument there. romney big, this is the caveman political level view. obama bad, me good. that's the level of analysis you get from rush limbaugh. i think the problem you get from republicans.
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it doesn't mean they're going to lose because they like everyone else is looking at things around making strategic judgments. but they clearly are concerned about a perception that mitt romney is a loser who's going to lose tomorrow and they've dialled it up as they always do there's a lot of bluster and they're trying to say that not only is it not close. you just said you think it's close. they're behind by most india that matter. which i look to as early voting and the ballots that we can vote, they're down al this and they're talking about big land slide. >> larry sabato is predicting 290 votes for president obama. there's a vote tonight about chris christie refusing to campaign with mitt romney. he turned down a request to appear with him on sunday night. it was held at a farm not more than 20 minutes from trenton. you can't tell me he couldn't have gone over there for a night rally, a romney campaign source
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told huffing ton post. romney people pushing back with other news outlets about whether that ever really happened as an invitation. of course chris christie couldn't leave his state. >> he's a little busy right now. >> those romney people don't understand that? >> if they actually asked him to come to a rally, it's unbelievable to think that he could possibly say yes. besides the fact that he genuinely has his hands full, is working day and night, 24 hours a day, has made it quite clear that he is not interested in wading into presidential politics at this point, could you imagine what new jersey residents would do? i can't imagine they would think this would be a reasonable possibility. >> it shows again this is not where you want to be. you want to be talking about the economy and the future. when you're talking about the sort of frenemy politics, that's not the kind of closing you
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want. >> coming up, we'll have live coverage of president obama's last campaign event where he will be joined by first lady michelle obama in iowa. and joy reid and richard wolf will join me. and up next, michael moore is here to talk about mitt romney's big lie about the automobile industry. the lie that may have destroyed any chance of mitt romney winning ohio. years ago, my doctor told me to take a centrum silver multivitamin every day. i told him, sure. can't hurt, right? then i heard this news about a multivitamin study looking at long-term health benefits for men over 50. the one they used in that study... centrum silver. that's what i take.
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>> the final campaign event for president barack obama is about to begin in des moines iowa. we will take you there live when the president and the first lady speak. up next, michael moore. ♪
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♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ [ girl ] hey! [ both laugh ] ♪ when jeep said it wasn't so, they kept making the charge. when chrysler said it wasn't so, they kept making the charge. even general motors said this is not true. and they pointed out that jeep is owned by chrysler is owned by fiat, you know? so then, the charge became the president is working with the italians. to move jobs to china. now we're laughing. but it's absurd. >> and so mitt romney has told one lie too many. everyone in ohio knows that mitt
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romney is lying about chrysler sending jobs to china, which puts ohio republican governor and romney supporter in a very difficult spot when nora o'donnell asked him about it this morning on cbs. >> is jeep creating more jobs in ohio or are they sending them to china. >> chrysler is the one auto maker that has increased employment. >> michael moore, i guess that settles it. there's john kasich, he's a big romney supporter. so romney is lying about this, right? and his answer is yeah, he's lying about it. >> you know what gets me about that whole thing is with the jeep thing is that romney and his big donors, all his money
10:18 pm
people, they actually -- they purchased, helped to purchase delphi which used to be delco which is where my dad worked at g.m. and then they sold like, closed down 24 factories, they moved 25,000 jobs to china and then took auto money bailout, the bailout that he opposed, he took this money, and romney himself made about a $15 million profit. i think it was a 4,000% gain on his investment, what he put into it. there's a story in the nation last week about it. >> i think that sounds like more than your father made working there, right? >> yeah, a little bit. but i mean so we're very conscious of this in michigan. >> yeah. >> we know what he and bain capital did. i actually live in a little town up north in michigan, and we
10:19 pm
had -- the only town -- the only department store in town was owned by the company called stage department stores. and sure enough, a decade and a half ago, bain capital bought out stage, closed down i don't know dozens of stores through the midwest and our little downtown. >> they seem to be surrounding you, bain capital. >> yeah. well, again, i'm very optimistic about the vote tomorrow in michigan. and i certainly think romney has cooked his goose in ohio. >> my theory of the case now is if we are reporting an obama win tonight and i think we will be. it's close but i think we will be. i think the place where romney absolutely sealed off victory is in this lie about the auto industry. >> yes. >> not this hurricane. i don't believe that the hurricane changed what was happening here, which is what republicans are going to want to say. oh, well you know the storm damage, the president managed to go out there for a couple of days, the campaign shut down,
10:20 pm
chris christie did his thing and we lost it that way. no, no. i think you lost it on what you were talking about. >> that's right. in ohio, wisconsin, michigan, i would predict tomorrow that president obama is going to do with the white male voter than he did in 2008. i agree. romney, i think that should be seen, if he does lose, hopefully he does as the main reason, why in the end he couldn't get those three or four states in the midwest that he needed to win. and let's look at the other decisive thing in the romney campaign. and that is, by the way the mvp of all of campaign coverage is not some men in makeup on television. it's this anonymous person at that fund raiser who secretly pressed record. >> one more time. that's good. >> 37% of the people who will
10:21 pm
vote for the president either way. there are 47% who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them. who believe they're entitled to health care, to food, to housing, my job is not to worry about those people. they should take personality and care for their lives. >> i've never been at a republican high dollar fund raiser, but now i feel like i have. >> i have secretly filmed them. of course this tape and good bless mother jones for getting it out there. >> one second, whoever did that, whoever recorded -- there's a reason to suspect it's somebody in the working staff of the event who did that, that was a brilliant choice for history, for this country. an invaluable contribution. >> i hope after the election that person comes forward because we have a medal that we would like to give them.
10:22 pm
but romney is cooked at that moment. because how does he come out of that? he tried to come out saying i didn't mean 47%. i'm for 100% of the people. how insane to dismiss 47%. it would be like me saying, you know, there's a hidden camera and saying 47% of the people who go to my movies are a bunch of idiots. if you actually have that attitude, well, then you deserve to lose. and if you think the 47% is that stupid that they're going to go vote for you tomorrow, what does that say what you think about the american public? you really must think we're a bunch of idiots. >> and he was including that anybody who takes anything from the government, any form of support at all. i spent a lot of time this weekend out on staten island with people who may not have been in that 47% that romney was talking about two weeks ago, but they are now. they need it. and they need a lot of help and
10:23 pm
they're getting that help, luckily. but he could not have comprehended from where he lives in the world who he really was actually talking about when he was saying that. >> right, right. as bill maher says, he lives in a bubble. he's completely removed from the real world. >> are you worried about voter suppression coming up here? >> yes, i am. >> in ohio and elsewhere. >> let me say this because i don't think this has really been pointed out. voter suppression was one of the founding principles of this country. our founding fathers suppressed the vote by saying only white male property owners could vote. through the years we've chipped away at voter suppression. and then the civil rights laws, there's been voter suppression since the beginning. so my plea to the 90 million people that are expected not to vote tomorrow, my plea to them if they're watching is to
10:24 pm
please, so many people fought for this right, it was so hard because we have fought voter suppression for 200-plus years of this country. exercise that right. don't stay home. it's only 20 minutes and it's free. it's your country. and selfishly i'm saying it too because the same poll said they asked the nonvoters if you did vote, 43% for obama, 18% for romney. so clearly there's a gold mine there of people that could vote for president obama and i'm encouraging people on my website and twitter and all that. i want to get a million people to the polls tomorrow that otherwise wouldn't have gone. >> we all know -- >> we all know somebody and make it your mission tomorrow to take that person out to vote. take them to lunch, take them to the bar afterwards, do whatever you have to do that's legal to get them to the polls. and they'll feel good that they
10:25 pm
did this, and they'll maybe vote again next time. so i think that's really important. and i say too, just finally to -- just before coming in here, i heard the same thing, nate silver, 91% chance of obama winning. don't do the end zone dance tonight. this is not safe. you're going to look like -- what was the dallas cowboys name? >> it's sports. i know nothing about it. >> in '93 he did the end zone dance three yards out and the buffalo bills came up and knocked the ball out of his hand while he was doing the dance and he wasn't even in the end zone. let's not look like that tomorrow. that's why, i said earlier, nate's been saying 70%, 08% now it's 90%. say it's 70% chance, but that means there's a 30% chance you hear he isn't. when you hear there's a 30% chance of rain there are. >> the very successful baseball
10:26 pm
hitters. >> 30%. don't trust that this is in the bag. don't do the end zone dance tonight. everybody up in the morning get out and vote and get up there and get people to vote because that other side they're going to be out there. believe me, republicans they are organized, they are disciplined, they are up at 5:00 in the morning. we're never up at 5:00 in the morning lawrence. >> you heard it from michael moore, no dancing tonight. michael moore, thank you for joining me. coming up, voter suppression attempts in how early voting is going across the country. joy reid is going to join us. and we're waiting for president obama and the first lady, they are about to appear at the final campaign event before the election. they will both speak in des moines, iowa.
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i spent some time on staten island this weekend. some sad time on staten island. you can go to our website to see some of the video that we shot out there and for information on how to contribute to relief for hurricane victims. coming up, the lines have been long for early voting, and so has the fight over the right to vote early. joy reid and richard wolffe will join me next. and you're looking at the
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i'm signing an executive order today that will allow an affidavit voting, where you can go to any polling place, if you're displaced, go to any polling place, sign an affidavit and you can vote in that polling place. but i think of it this way. compared to what we have had to deal with the past week, this will be a walk in the park going out and voting. >> new york governor andrew cuomo made it a bit easier for sandy-affected residents to vote tomorrow. new jersey voters can also download a ballot and return their vote by fax or e-mail. reports of some form of voter irregularity are already
10:35 pm
happening in key battleground states in florida. lawyers for the florida democratic party settled a lawsuit today. voters waited in record long lines prompting officials in those three counties have agreed to allow voters to cast in person absentee ballots. long lines also persisted in ohio today where the number of early voting weekends were reduced from five to just one. ohio secretary of state john husted issued a directive last friday requiring voters to complete the identification section on provisional ballots rather than poll workers. if the form is not filled out correctly, then the ballot is not counted, democrats countered with an emergency motion. a federal judge in ohio will
10:36 pm
hold a hearing on the matter wednesday, the morning after the election. and in pennsylvania, civil rights and other community groups have sent a letter to assistant u.s. attorney general thomas perez alleging that the pennsylvania republican tea party are targeting african-american precincts under the guise of alleged fraud. they call upon the justice department monitoring to make every effort to ensure that voters are able to cast their ballots freely and fairly. joining me richard wolffe and from orlando, florida, joy reid. what is the latest in florida? >> it's a mess. i just got the phone with a friend of mine in south florida. people are still in line at the lone place where you can absentee early vote.
10:37 pm
people are fully taking advantage of it and it is proof that florida really needed those 14 days. the lines have been extraordinary throughout the state. five counties now out of 67 went ahead and allowed absentee voting on the spot, which means that in five counties you had more early vote time than you did in the other 62 counties. that in and of itself it is unfair and in miami it is utter chaos. >> let's listen to what steve schmidt told chuck todd this morning. >> i think one of the things you always want to be for is you want everybody who is eligible to vote to vote and that's how you want to win elections. i think that all of the stuff that has transpired over the last two years is in search of a solution to a problem. a voting fraud that doesn't really exist -- it's part of the mythology now in the republican party that there's wide spread voter fraud across the country and now there's not. >> it seems like more than
10:38 pm
mythology. okay, some mythology and an active willful attempt at voter suppression. >> whether it's suppression or extreme restriction, it varies state by state. how ever you want to call it, the net effect is to deny people the chance, the opportunity to vote in the way they want it. when people are lining up for eight hours, they desperately want to vote. and steve schmidt, i was with him this morning on the set of "morning joe." his heart says mitt romney is going to win this election. he believes in his gut that that's going to happen, even though his head is telling him something else. he is a partisan figure and he knows as a reasonable man that it's right in this country, the world's greatest democracy, that more people should vote than
10:39 pm
less. so why certain governors, certain state elected officials would want to put these restrictions in place is a hard thing to get to attorney to notice it's happening in so many places and so many of these officials are republican if not all of them. there is a pattern here and it's a troubling one. >> joy, it is a battleground state republican officials where they know they control the outcome of this election. >> it's disingenuous of anyone to say that it's mythology. it's not mythology, it's tack tacks. if you look at ohio, you have had about 45,000 people that voted earlier this year. despite the fact in ohio you had lines wrapped around the block. why is it fewer? because there's been fewer days. john husted has tried everything. he's tried getting rid of early voting, he's tried restrictions, shifting the ballot. he's doing everything he can to not let people vote. that's the opposite of his job.
10:40 pm
>> thank you both for joining us tonight. coming up, we're waiting for the first lady and president obama to take the stage in des moines, iowa for his last campaign event. we'll take you there live when that happens. and it's been 27 days since mitt romney answered a question from that reporter. tonight someone got him to answer questions. we'll tell you who did it and what mitt said. that's coming up. and tomorrow night we'll have complete election coverage beginning right here at 6:00 p.m.
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mitt romney made his closing argument to football fans tonight, which is why i wasn't watching. >> do you have a favorite team? >> well, it is the new england patriots. i lived in massachusetts now 40 years and i take personal full responsibility for their two super bowl wins. as a governor you get blamed for everything that goes wrong, you might as well get the credit for what goes right. >> president obama appeared in the same halftime show before mitt romney and said this.
10:45 pm
>> the truth is that just like in sports, in politics, we're all human. we make mistakes. the key is to just stay focused on what it is that you're doing. in sports it's about winning championships. in politics it's not about winning, it's delivering for the folks who sent you. >> jonathan capeheart, a guy who takes responsibility for the auto bailout, was opposed to it, should that guy be joking about taking full responsibility for super bowl wins of the patriots? >> because he's going to get blamed for the bad things that happened when he was governor. >> as the football correspondent for "the last word," you were assigned -- to watch this thing so because i couldn't bear it. also it was occurring during this show. >> also luckily both interviews were about three minutes long.
10:46 pm
they were very quick. four questions, very fast and i could actually understand everything. the thing about what governor romney said, it just sort of highlighted his passion for expediency he'll take credit for it. with the president the line was you need to stay focused and don't get distracted by your own hype or your own critics. it's seems as though governor romney pays more attention to his own hype and couldn't care less about his critics. >> so basically neither one of them said anything? >> yeah, that's about right. >> but romney thought romney was really funny. i noticed romney laughing there at romney. >> romney always laughs at romney's jokes. that's what he does. he tickles himself, i'm such a card and he's not terribly funny and he's not relatable in the way that the president is.
10:47 pm
>> but the real moment for the president is coming up, we see bruce springsteen on the stage here in iowa. this is going to be president obama's last campaign speech, the last campaign event. it's the last one of his political career. his political career ends tonight. >> right. and he's a very young guy. >> yes. >> i was talking to people who said yes, you can't just be president of the united states and just walk off the stage after four or eight years of course he's going to run again. if you've watched this man and you've gotten to know who he is, you know that what you're about to see tonight will be his last political rally. he's this strange bird, strange in a good way, where he got into politics not for power or for grandeur, but to help people. he was a community organizer. he went back into the community to help people.
10:48 pm
and so for him, being president of the united states, great job, the ultimate platform to help people, to help a nation. and once his time is done on that stage, he'll walk off the stage and be perfectly fine with that. >> we're awaiting the president and first lady at their last campaign event in des moines, iowa. the first lady will speak first before the president. you'll see it here live. >> i stood with president obama here. are you sure you can fit in there? [ chuckles ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] around view monitor with bird's-eye view. nice work. [ male announcer ] introducing the all-new nissan pathfinder. it's our most innovative pathfinder ever. nissan. innovation that excites. ♪
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we'rwith questions fromtump sombing elections.kies do you know where your polling place is? maybe somewhere around my house. mine's just, right over that way. well you can find out exactly where it is using bing elections. it's a good day for politics. which way do you lean politically? conservative. republican. well, using the bing news selector you can find news from whichever way you lean. (together) social on this side, financial. which party is currently predicted to win a majority in the senate? the republicans? would you make a bet on that? no. are you chicken?
10:51 pm
>> it's my guess that the old fashioned political campaign, in a few years will be as extinct as the dodo. it will all be tv and radio and streamlined nice and easy. mind you i use the tv and radio sometimes, but i also get out into the wards.
10:52 pm
i speak in fight arenas, armories, street corners, anywhere i can gather a crowd. i even kiss babies. that's the way i've always done it. and i must say it's usually paid off. but there's no use kidding myself about it. it's on its way out. >> that was spencer tracy in the 1958 film "the last hurrah." it was based on a novel which some say was based on mayor james michael curly of boston. in fact he sued for that and won a very small settlement at the time for it. and then when james michael curley wrote his own biography, entitled "i'd do it again."
10:53 pm
and richard wolffe when you see a last hurrah as we are about to see tonight with president obama, many times there's nothing more poignant than a politician's last hurrah. >> it's important to put it in some context. iowa wasn't just another state. back in 2007, no one gave this guy a chance. he had to build it. not with -- accept for lawrence o'donnell. almost no one gave him a chance. you know, there will be lots of people on the right who will howl and say it was all ads. he had to go garden party to house party to miserable small events. i was with michelle obama in the summer of 2007 sweltering day in the middle of no where, 20
10:54 pm
people in that garden party. of those 20 people, 15 of them were people of color. and that was a pattern that was repeated everyone. it wasn't just that she appealed to those people, but honestly people in politics at that time didn't believe they would show up in iowa to vote. now they believe he's going to take them over the top for the second time. >> that's the president in 2008 in iowa. we all remember where we were the night he gave that victory speech in iowa. were you there, richard? >> i was there. >> i was at home watching it, having an experience like i had never had in a presidential primary victory speech. there was no night like it in our politics. >> no. and it was historic. it was historic also because leading up to iowa, a lot of people didn't think he would
10:55 pm
win. but particularly african-americans weren't sold on this fact that this guy could win. because as the saying goes they won't vote for him. the fact that a nearly white state would give their votes and make him the winner of the iowa caucuses was elect trick. it was a thunder bolt through the african-american community and people turned on a dime from supporting senator clinton to supporting barack obama. it was that seismic. >> people forget, president obama back then did have to convince people, many of whom their hearts were with him but were saying why should i leave supporting this other candidate for someone who can't win. >> there was some justification for that. the polls didn't put him ahead. they didn't put him ahead until late in the game ahead in iowa. when people scoff, i hear the
10:56 pm
romney folks scoffing all the time, why is it obama people have so many offices in ohio, that's exactly what the clinton people said in iowa. why do you need to organize like this. why do you put so much resources into having some kid in some small town a year out, what are they going to do? and the answer is you're building relationships, you're doing exactly what spencer tracy was trying to say. meeting face to face, kissing babies, this is what the guy stands for. >> michelle obama has just been introduced at what will be the obama campaign's last event of this campaign. it will be her final speech of this campaign. she will introduce her husband, the president of the united states for what will be his final campaign speech as a candidate. this is history.
10:57 pm
>> i love you, from the bottom of my heart. and i'm thrilled to be here with all of you. the but we have to give some love up for bruce springsteen. for months i have heard his songs played at our rallies, but i have to say there's nothing like seeing the boss in person. he has just been tremendous, he and his family and his team,
10:58 pm
they've been amazing. so we want to thank bruce for everything he's done for us. and more than anything else, i want to thank you all for being here tonight. as you know, this is a pretty emotional time for us, because this is the final event of my husband's final campaign. so this is the last time that he and i will be on stage together at a campaign rally. and that's why we wanted to come here to iowa tonight. because truly, this is where it all began, right here. and i have so many fond memories of this state that the house parties in sioux city and cedar rapids, celebrating malia's birthday in pella and seeing my
10:59 pm
husband's face carved in butter. believe me we still talk about that at christmas. but i will never forget the kindness and warmth and the love that you all show me and my family. especially and our girls. that is truly what made the difference back in those early days, when i wasn't so sure about this whole process back when i was still wondering what it would mean for our girls and our family if barack got the chance to serve as president. but the truth is while i had my worries and my fears, i also realized that this decision affected not only me as a wife and a mother, but as a voter, as an american. and i started envisioning the
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